About Us

Our Approach

Translating ideas and dreams skillfully into the language of Design is neither simple nor linear. It calls for experience and creativity, elegant solution to complicated problems. We’ve honed a process that organizes the innumerable details and decisions each project entails. Yet remain keenly aware of when to guide you to be flexible and agile, or give you the confidence to stay the course with strong concepts. We’re here to steward you through that experience; and we believe that the collaborative process should be as fun and rewarding as the outcome.  

Our Staff:

Marie Mahaffey

Founder: Interior Designer

Marie is the principal designer and creative director of the firm with over 30 years of experience in the design business. She is a licensed Designer and was educated at Cal Poly Fullerton and University of California, Riverside. She is also a Licensed Contractor with the State of Calif. She started out only doing Medical Facilities, as that was her background. However, after a few projects, the CEO and Doctors asked for her to come to their homes. She found she loved the personal and relational and more creative touch that residential provides. Here is a surprise! She loves cars –won at drag racing in her youth, finished in the LA Marathon, and hiked the Great Wall of China. She has quite a few things in her bucket list – too long to list!

Ralph Mahaffey

Founder: Director of Sales and Marketing

Ralph keeps us on track. His background is in counseling which helps in this business of Design. He graduated from California State University, Northridge. He brings a professional process management style to Provence’s small practice model from his commercial background, yet he is distinctly passionate about residential design for its personal nature. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, loves sports which brings back the days of baseball and surfing. His bucket list includes visiting all the baseball stadiums in the US. He is close!

Janet Torrey

Associate Designer

Janet is an artist! Her paintings hang in several areas of our clients’ projects. She has been with the firm for over 20yrs. Her sense of color, texture, and structure compliments Marie on so many levels. One in particular – Marie does not draw! She says God did not give her that talent but she recognized it in Janet immediately. She has created Design Display Boards for both commercial and residential projects. She loves to do crafts of all sorts, read, and does puzzles.

Alex Carpenter

Project Manager

Alex is our Project Manager. He is 30 something but an old hand in the construction Industry. He has been in the field since he was 16 -working along side of his Dad. He is a great listener and Contractors respect his input & concerns. He also speaks 3 languages and is learning Sign language.


Office Greeter

Jack is the youngest of our staff. He watches over everyone in the office. He is cheerful and full of energy. He greets everyone with enthusiasm. When someone comes and is concerned about the wagging tail of a Standard Poodle pup, he will retreat to minding other business in the office.