Residential Interior Designs

Our residential approach encompasses the whole home with your motif, from traditional to modern. We provide full-service home interior design work for residences of all sizes and types.

Our interior design services include:

  • Meeting:
    Our first order of business is to meet with you to define your tastes and decide on a stylistic approach. Our prime concern is to understand your vision and turn it into reality.
  • Space Planning:
    A well-designed interior that allows for adequate flow and movement as well as an efficient use of available space and current furnishings and accessories requires careful planning and expertise.
  • Budget Planning:
    Having a budget in place will ensure that expectations are set and met. It will dictate our purchasing decisions, and guide us into lower-cost alternatives.
  • Selection of Furniture, Accessory, & Art:
    Guided by the budget, we will select and review with you the furniture, accessories, and art that will be purchased.
  • Purchasing:
    We will deal closely with our suppliers to ensure the best possible price for each piece of the interior design.
  • Furniture Design:
    If applicable, we will design furniture.
  • Re-Design:
    If applicable we can redesign any space.
  • Custom Window Treatments:
    We can design custom window treatments to suit your needs.
  • Finish Selections – paint/flooring/walls:
    Creating harmony, balance, and contrast requires the discerning eye of an experienced interior designer.

If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, please contact us or call us at (951) 276-2499 today!